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Tumbleweed Hill

Formed by a mutual love of all-time greats by all-time greats, John Nelms and Jonathan Sherwin wanted to make the legacy live on. After a lifetime of solo acts, the duo formed The Porch Turtles by adding a bass player, electric guitar player, steel guitar player, and keyboard player. The mesh of culture, ideas, and personalities led to bigger and bigger shows and more and more credibility. The Porch Turtles bring a fantastic show to every venue they play, engaging audiences of all ages, ethnicities, and interests. Available in a two to five piece configuration, the band loves playing music and makes every show special.

The Name

One of the first shows played by the original duo, at the time going by the name of "Texas Weathermen," was situated on a back porch adjacent to a turtle-shaped children's sandbox. The audience participants cheered for more from the "The Porch Turtles." The name stuck and audiences have been asking for an "encore" ever since!

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